Massively multiplayer real-time game

Play with more than 300+ players simultaneously on one map, fight and occupy hundreds of military bases to produce and expand your military forces. Control tank armadas, helicopter swathes and jets freely throughout the battle world - pure action like and wherever you want.

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No boring App - Real Strategy

Real strategy consists of planning and free movement. Risky troop movements, ambushes and planned attacks; this makes strategy fun. Armywars offers this freedom in a world consisting of over 400 giant maps, all of which can be accessed from the main map, where hundreds of players play & fight simultaneously. Move your armadas of tanks freely over the entire map. Full control, great battles on the ground as well as in the air. Just like you know it from before from AoE or C&C, just not with 10 but with hundreds of players at the same time. Strategy-Wars is a real-time online strategy game which you can play in any browser no matter what computer and without installation. Fight against enemy generals together with your allies and rule over all the resource-rich military bases.

Our maps are so big, at your screen resolution, they make up of your screens side by side and an entire of your screens on top of each other!

Massively multiplayer real-time game

Online - No installation required